My Husbands Passion For Old School Chevrolets

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My Husbands Passion For Old School Chevrolets

By:Veranick Murphy


My husband grew up in an error when old school cars were considered trophies. His grandfather was a mechanic who often worked on Old School Cars.


 In return, this gave him a sense of nostalgia for the All American Vehicle  Chevrolets. Over time I've discovered how his Passion for Old School Chevrolets also relates to The Power of Love. 




Old School Chevrolets Have History

He loves this Beautiful vehicle for its history, the fact that it has lasted over 50 years, and how over time it has grown old and still works in the current day.   Chevrolets Have Value

Old School Chevrolets provide value. In which over time the Power of Love provides value.



Old School Chevrolet’s Are Shiny And Pretty

 Old School Chevrolet's are shiny and pretty, but to be kept that way requires a lot of nourishment, attention, and maintenance.  



Chevrolets Are Rebels


Old School Chevrolet's are rebels they don't conform nor do they fit in. For its honesty in whom it is, its fully appreciated and has lots of admirers.

Chevrolets Have Value


Old School Chevrolets provide value, value is found in what we are willing to give in exchange for something. The value of love is found through dedication and devotion to something or someone you love.



Old School Chevrolets Are A Beautiful Part Of American History


Over time, if these principles are applied The Power of Love can become a beautiful part of American History.


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