5 Ways To Keep You Energized And Motivated

5 Ways To Keep You Energized And Motivated

Veranick Murphy


We all have those days we have our alarm set, it goes off, we press snooze telling ourselves we'll sleep for 5 more minutes, that 5 minutes turns into 15 minutes or perhaps maybe we pack a gym bag we have it all planned out to work out after work, but then that gym session turns into a happy hour session.


Here are 5 ways to help get motivated and energized when you're feeling lazy.

Get Organized

I notice I work my best when things are organized. If you can come up with a system that works for you chances are you’ll get a lot more done. 



Organization isn't a skill that we're born with being organized, however, plays a huge part on the way our brain functions. 


 Organization can help with your laziness by making your mind feel uncluttered.


We are more likely to not complete a task if we don’t have to spend to much time searching and planning things out.

Limit Draining Interactions

Pay attention to your moods when you have interactions with others, some of the energy we take on from others can be draining and make us lazy.


If we give too much time to these types of draining energies it will surely make us lose focus.


When we take on draining energies, our brain becomes sluggish, we have now exalted our brain from creative thinking, and shifted it to shutting down, and now you may need sleep in order to refresh your mind again.


Get A Routine Fitness Plan 


This has to be my favorite tip, the reason being is because exercise can stimulate our brain in ways we'd never imagine. 


A good moderate workout at the time may not appear or feel like its beneficial, but a few days after pay attention to your energy levels, you'll get a burst of energy, that energy will have you wondering how you made it through the day.

Researchers believed that exercise would decrease daily activity, but the results proved otherwise.


Individual activity levels showed no remarkable difference during the two days after exercising, but increase the third day for those who walked on the incline by a 25 percent increase in regular activity compared to the day they worked out on according to accelerometer readings.

Exercise acts as a stimulant to certain areas of the brain. It basically causes a natural high, says James Levine, MD. Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist.


Research studies show even the slightest movement can get you hooked on continued activity.


Let There Be Light


Do you ever  find yourself thinking of those sunny days? The sun is glaring on your skin, you're in a great mood you feel like being more productive.


Sun basically activates the bodies body clock which sends a signal through the eyes and skin to wake up. 


While exposure to the sunlight should be done in moderation. Be sure to take advantage on those beautiful days.


Too Much Rest

At times we may become blindsided that we are building up laziness we start off believing we've earned Rest which we may have but then too much rest turns into laziness.